Gill Knight

Change of start date from 2020/1 to 2021/2


We have a learner that started the course 04/01/2021 ie 2020/1. Due to issues with the ERN number the employer wasn't able to set up the Apprenticeship service record until Aug 2021. The start date in the Apprenticeship service is therefore showing as August which doesn't match the actual start date. 

ESFA have said to alter the start date on the ILR to August and amend the commitment statement. Noting the issues we have had.

My question is what happens to the record that is in 2020/1? Should I delete it from the R14 return? Or amend the learning aims, price, etc to 01/08/2021?


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Ruth Canham-James

If we amended the start date to 01/08/21, in our 20/21 records, our software would automatically not include that enrolment in our 20/21 ILR xml anyway. So essentially, same as deleting it.