Sarah Wartnaby

Change of employer costing and DAS


Hi All, 

We have a learner who moved employer after they past their planned end date, agreed with new employer to continue apprenticeship as learner just needed to mop up some evidence and then enter into their EPA (The learner would have spent an additional month working with the trainer to ensure ready for EPA.)

All the funding had been claimed through the pervious employer, so there is no negotiated cost minus that of the EPA price (As we cant exceed the funding claimed due funding band maximum limit). 

We have a DAS cohort that needs completing but the dates wont match the ILR as it holds the original Start date and planned end date. 

So my questions are basically: 

do we need to complete DAS as the learner is past end date?

do we need to change the ILR in relation to period on programme? my understanding is no on this one as we cant alter the planned end date. But do we enter a residual price for the EPA?

and how do we ensure we get the 20% once completed if they change employer after Planned end date?

Apologies for the random questions! first time I have had a learner changed employer once past their planned end date. So any guidance on what we do with the ILR and DAS is greatly welcomed. 



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Martin West

20% of the original negotiated price is still there and available for the new employer.

As an example, 20% of £10,000 leaves £2,000 to be split between training and EPA.

Sarah Wartnaby

Martin West Thank you! i just kicked myself when you replied as of course we have the 20% pat :) Thank you for the swift reply.