Paul Neville

The Full funding indicator is not valid for this learning aim



I'm getting an error coming back: LearnDelFAMType_81 The Full funding indicator is not valid for this learning aim

Details are: UKPRN=10000883|LearnAimRef=60146801|LearnStartDate=01/06/2021|FundModel=35|ProgType=|LearnDelFAMType=FFI|LearnDelFAMCode=1|

I can't work out what needs to be fixed, can you help?




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OK, L1 Award in Employability, valid for funding, so it's a learner issue, not an aim issue. First thing to check would be employment status? As it's L1 it won't be age. if the learner is employed have you put the low wage LDM code in (assuming the learner is low wage!)?

Paul Neville

Thanks Steve. The learner is unemployed (11) and has been for 36 months+ (5). The error is coming back for their second learning aim only, which is Adult Skills (their first learning aim is community learning).

For a similar learner that's in employment, we added Learning Delivery Monitoring Code 363, but as this learner is unemployed we can't use that code for them.


Aha, I've remembered now, it's BSI indicator. Check that the learner has a valid one.

Paul Neville

Thanks! Yes that looks to have sorted it.