Helen Cuthbert




Has anyone got an answer from the ESFA that is more helpful than the screenshot below in relation to DOB's being needed from Senior staff? 

I have staff asking why to they need it and what purpose will it be used for and the response i received isn't going to cut the mustard! 


If anyone has had more joy could you share as apart from telling really senior staff to suck it up if you want us to be able to continue delivering apprenticeships not sure what else to say? 




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I mean, yes, that's what they're going to have to do and for that reason!

I wonder though if they're using it to cross-ref to Companies House or other lists of People Who Should Not Be Directors? Rather than us just saying that no one is disqualified? But, obviously, that's just speculation, would have been nice for ESFA to tell you the *reason* for asking for it...


Helen Cuthbert

Think that tactic has won out but I do understand the frustration because the secret nature of  why does make you wonder. 


I think its is for the purpose you say but why just not tell us! 

Martin West

The requirement is set out in the guidance under the following

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) will use information from your application to verify the people in control of your organisation

This is defined in the Persons with Significant Control Regs 2016

I assume the personal information and DOB is needed to enable an individual to be matched to any other organisation where they may also have significant control and identify any conflict of interest.