Melanie Aspinall

Change of employer after hard close - previous year dates



At the 11th hour, we've found an apprentice who has changed employer 23 July 2021 within the 30 day allowance. We've submitted our R14 now and it's too late to carry out the paperwork and processing.

My question is would I need to start the apprentice's new employment with the levy employer from 1/8/2021 now the old year has passed or should I use the actual new start date at the end of July to show the true and accurate reflection of the learner journey.




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Yeah, accuracy is the most important here, I think?

Might lose a month of money, but not a lot we can do about that at this point...

Ben James

We've also had one. sigh. Agree with Steve though.

Principle 1: The ILR must accurately describe the provision delivered to each learner
84. The data you record on the ILR must accurately reflect the journey for the learner and what has happened. Inaccurate information must never be entered even where it is perceived that this would result in a more equitable claim for funding or accurate record of performance.

Melanie Aspinall

Thanks folks, much appreciated. 

And onwards with 21/22....