Margaret Foster

Pre Settled Status


Hi - Just wondering if anyone knows how you can check how long a person has been in the UK on pre settled status please?

I assumed when you went into the screen with the sharing code it would be detailed within but sadly not


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Hi Margaret

It _implies_ less than 5 years, or they'd have Settled, but that's it.

I'm saying it's self-dec, just like it would be for a UK learner? There's nothing in the Rules to say we *can't* use self-dec for it...

Margaret Foster

Thank you Steve - I did think about self dec we use it for other things but wasn't sure on the residency

Kelly Knights

Hi Martin (I mean Steve😁),

I wish my colleague would agree with you on the self declaration for EU nationals, we've been asked to ask learners for actual evidence to prove they've been resident. I think we are anxious due to it being a new rule and our auditors wont advise  us what is the right approach to take.