Jessica De Melo

Apprentice finishing before planned end date


Hi Everyone

What are the implications of this, if any?

We have a new start on a relatively slow pathway who is considering speeding up to finish approx. 6 months early. We are mindful of the 12 month minimum duration so it's just whether there is anything else we need to consider.



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Kelly Knights

I believe this is okay as long as minimum duration of 12 months and overall OTJ has been met. Auditors may question if the original planned end date was correct in the first place.

Martin West

If that is the case it sounds like the initial assessment was not what it should nave been but there would be no implications if the 12m minimum duration is evidenced.


There's a whole flowchart to follow, because it impacts on OTJ as well, Para 56/57

Ruth Canham-James

Yes, you need a whole process for anyone who didn't hit their planned OTJ, even if they did hit their minimum based on actual duration.

Also, if they are a levy payer, it will result in a lump sum balancing payment when you complete them. If the levy payer was really close to the bottom of their levy pot each month, and carefully managing their finances, it can tip them into insufficient funds, and they have to pay 5% of whatever they were short. It can be really small amounts, but it complicates things because you have to collect it.

Sophie Lampert

P55 During the programme, where it becomes clear through the regular progress reviews that the original volume of planned off-the-job training hours, that were agreed at the beginning of the programme, will not be delivered, this must be discussed and agreed with the employer and apprentice and documented on a new version of the commitment statement (see paragraph P64.2).


P64.2 The commitment statement must be kept up to date with any material changes (e.g. as a result of changes agreed at a progress review).