Clair Ayling

Price amount above funding band limit-Restart


We have an apprenticeship restart that is showing on the Indicative Earnings reports as having a Price amount above funding band limit, which has confused us. We have returned the learner with the same TNP3 & TNP4 that were on the record prior to the break. We have a restart indicator and an original start date. Also a new ACT 2 record which matches the restart date. The previous ACT 2 record had an end date matching when the break in learning started. 

Is one of these things wrong and potentially causing the issue? Or do I need to raise with ServiceDesk?!



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Just to be clear, it's TNP 3&4 because the learner changed employer before going on a break, right?

Are they on a Standard that has reduced in price/funding band since their original start date? I think the indicative is too dumb to deal with this? Also, more importantly, are they showing as above band on the employer contributions report, as that's the "real" info and will define whether you get the completion payment or not...

Clair Ayling

Hi Steve

Yes, they had changed employer before the break and are restarting with that same employer.  They are no on the employers contribution report - they are under 18 and with a small employer. Funding band has not changed.  It looks as though they have reduced the price remaining by the amount that was paid out on the previous episode (less the amount remaining because we never charged the maximum funding). i.e. we were paid £246 on previous episode prior to the break, we had charged £66 under the maximum funding band , amount showing as over the maximum funding is £180....coincidence? 

Did everything about the way we have recorded sound ok? 


Yes, yes it does :)

I'd be highly tempted to just ignore the Indicative report in this case (particularly if they're not on the Contributions report), sounds like it is having a moment...

Martin West

Record TNP 1 and 2 but with the same price as the original TNP 3 and 4, if you use TNP 3 and 4 it takes it that you have renegotiated the price from that point onwards.

Hope that makes sense.

Clair Ayling

Ah, thanks Martin - that is what it seems to be doing. I didn't know that on s restart you would revert to TNP1 and 2!

Clair Ayling

Added complication - these TNP records were recorded in last academic year and the learner is about to change employer again.  Am I able to change the TNP3/4 to 1/2 prior the recording new TNP3/4 for new employer? If I don't if will presumably just think we have renegotiated again with current employer? ....

Martin West

From the technical guidance

  1. When the apprentice resumes learning, we expect you to enter a price against the new programme aim in the ILR. This price may be the same as you previously recorded for the programme but can be a revised price depending on the amount of learning now required. After applying the funding band maximum, we will subtract 20% of this price for completion and, if the price is not a residual price, we will subtract any earnings to date. We will spread the remainder equally over the remaining planned duration.