Linnea Clarke

Different processes for each academic year - apprenticeships



We have recently changed onto a new system which allows us to build documents into it electronically. 

We currently have several different processes running due to having apprentices that started in different academic years, and therefore following the relevant academic years funding rules.

Can we merge our processes/documentation into one process for all of our apprentices enrolled in different academic years providing we are still following the relevant funding rules accordingly?

Or MUST we stick to our same processes for the relevant academic years and not roll them into one?

Many thanks


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Kelly Knights

It would depend what you mean specifically about your processes. We review our processes each year based on that years set of funding rules.

Linnea Clarke

Hello Kelly

We just mean building our processes each into one electronic document now that we have an electronic system to do this. So currently we have Adobe Sign and our LMS (that pushes out e-signatures).

For 19/20 we only had Adobe Sign for our electronic documents/signatures.

We now have for some of 20/21 and 21/22 our LMS system that pushes documents out electronically for e-signatures.

We just want to merge our academic year processes into one form on our LMS system if that makes sense?

Kelly Knights

As long as you can explain your processes to an auditor and demonstrate how they work they wont care which ones you use.