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16-18 learner on co-investment report


We have a 16-18 year old learner who works for a small employer - both these tags are showing on Maytas, and so should be fully funded by the ESFA. However this learner is showing up on the Co-investment report stating we need to obtain a payment from the employer. Any ideas what else we can check which would impact this?
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Two things to check:

1. Have they had the SEM flag on their record from the start? If it was missing and then added, it shows a contribution that's then zeroed off if it's in the same year, but there's nothing to collect. If it's in a previous year and wasn't sorted by R14 (see my tweets, passim, about our learner with £0.0008 due in a previous year that we couldn't get rid of) you need to contact the Service Desk NOW as it takes months to sort out.

2. Is the TNP over the band limit (either accidentally or on purpose!)? Employer would still be liable if it is, even for a 16-18 at a SEM.


(3. make sure Maytas is definitely pulling the flag into the ILR for all years!)

Charlotte Carlin

FAB! Thanks Steveh, in this case it will be option 1 causing the issue.

Thanks again!

Martin West

Just to confirm what Steveh has said:

Co-investment may be indicated if the SME was not reported in the ILR at start, the funding rules requirement is:

Before any apprenticeship starts, you must have evidence that the apprentice and employer are eligible for the waiving of the employer contribution. The employer must provide evidence that they employed an average of 49 or fewer employees in the 365 days before the apprentice was recruited (using the calculation set out in paragraph P130) and you must keep this in the evidence pack.

In addition to this any change of employer and SMA flag must be reported in a timely manner, and you should also note that where the SME was incorrectly reported in a previous funding year then after R14 this cannot be changed and will require a call to the service desk and or AS to rectify.


Charlotte Carlin

Thanks Martin :-)