Abbie Shepherdson

ROATP Reapplication


Hi All,

We have been notified that our ROATP re-application window opens on the 1st of December so we are now collating our answers to the questions. Just looking for some guidance/advice please?

The application asks for our most recent financial figures - our most recent 'published' financial statements ended 31/08/2020 because our previous financial year ending 31/08/2021 won't be signed off until March time. Do they want the most recent signed off and published figures or the most recent financial year, even if it's not been fully signed off?

Also, it asks for details on the most experienced staff in each sector we deliver apprenticeships. The issue we have is that the most 'experienced' staff in the sector isn't necessarily the staff with the most relevant official qualifications or most recent industry experience in that sector. So what methodology did you use to pick employees for this section?



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Martin West

You should read the guidance here:

I can offer no guidance as it is your re-application so you should understand the requirements or ask for clarification on the portal if you are unsure.