Andrea Scotti

Eligibility for an EU National for an apprenticeship


We have a potential learner who is 16 yrs and a Lithuanian national.  We have asked for confirmation of the UK settlement status and they have provided us with this but the letter from the Home Office is addressed to her mother.  I know family members of EU nationals are eligible as long as they fit the criteria but my issue is the the mother's surname does not match that of the learner - so how do we prove that this learner is indeed the daughter of the mother with the settled status ?  what documents or declarations do I need to show that this learner is eligible for government funding?  MTIA


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Kelly Knights

Im not 100% sure what age an individual has to apply for settled status in their own right but the funding rules do state family members must also have settled status. K


Andrea Scotti

Many thanks for your response Kelly.  I've found out that children will have their own online status that parent's need to do when they make their application.