Lisa White

Apprenticeship eligibility



I have a candidate who wants to be enrolled onto a Level 5 Standard apprenticeship. They are the Director of the company so in effect will be the employer and the apprentice. Am I right in thinking this person will not be eligible? We had a similar case before and the candidate did not proceed with the enrollment onto the apprenticeship.

It will be hard to obtain review feedback, workplace evidence with testimonies at the least if there is no one in the company above the appentice.

Any guidance will be much appreciated.


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Martin West

I believe in this circumstance it is acceptable for this role to be undertaken by a suitably qualified and experienced member of the Providers staff together with input from the employers clients, but I would check with the EPAO and or professional body in question.


Leanne Edwards

Out of interest was there a further update to this query? I have had the same query raised myself. I'm awaiting reply from the service desk and EPAO but was wondering ehat response you recieved. Also have queried this in relation to applying for the incentive grant