Gill Knight

Funding adjustment for prior learning


My understanding is I put the full training price in TNP1 and a percentage in Funding Adjustment for prior learning which is then used to calculate how much we receive on a monthly basis 

ie £9600 TNP1 * 88.89% Funding Adj (as agreed training price reduction is £1067) 

The problem is the Funding Adj field will only accept 2 character percentage ie 89 % in this instance.

Is it possible to just amend the TNP1 to £8533 and not submit a Funding Adj but hold the evidence as to why the figure has been agreed? 

Kind regards, Gill


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Martin West

This is not used on the Programme aim as funding is adjusted in the TPN price.

It may be used on component aims FS E/M when an aim is restarted and an adjustment for prior learning is required.


Ruth Canham-James

Hi Gill,

No, that's not how it works with apprenticeships. The apprenticeship guidance covers this fully, but one of the key statements is "You must account for prior learning and experience, following your initial assessment, when negotiating a price with the employer".  The ILR Spec for the TNP field also describes this well. The TNP you enter is always the price you are charging. It's not the band maximum. There is no fixed price for an apprenticeship, just a maximum, it's a limit, not a target. TNP is your negotiated price with the employer. That price could be lower for lots of reasons, including (but not limited to) prior learning. So yes, put £8,583 as your Total Negotiated Price.

As Martin says, the only acceptable use for the funding adjustment for apprentices, is for English and maths, which do come with a fixed rate.

Gill Knight

Thank you both for your replies. 

The prior learning has been taken into account Ruth which is why I have a number of learners that have Rpl'd credits into the degree i.e. the component.

The Provider support manual can be very difficult sometimes to interpret as in the 2021/2 version it clearly states 'For a learner who starts a learning aim with prior learning and is not a restart, in other words they do not need to undertake the full scope of the learning, you must record the percentage of learning left to undertake.... It could, for example, be based upon the percentage of credits left to deliver, time left to deliver, or learning left to deliver. The funding adjustment is applied to the monthly funding instalments and to the achievement element.' 

It will certainly make it easier to only alter TNP1 and the evidence of why the training amount is different on these records can be found on the file.

Kind regards 

Ruth Canham-James

Yes, that part of the PSM isn't specific to apps or non-apps, it's just general advice. Also, I just checked the ILR spec on the PriorLearnFundAdj field, and it's deeply misleading! It says it can be used for Aim Type 1 and funding stream 36, and I'm sure that's not possible. I also don't think it can be used for Advanced Learner Loan, because we adjust that by telling the student to apply for less loan.

We only use the funding adjustment for AEB aims, or Apprenticeship English and maths.

Gill Knight

And then they wonder why we get confused ......

I think it would be much easier to have completely different manuals for the different funding streams so that when you search and it takes you to a page you know for definite that it applies. 

Thanks for your help