Chris Roberts

Assurance Review


Good morning 

Does anyone know how samples are pulled and collected on an assurance visit? Do the auditors use PDSATs to generate the list of learners?

Just trying to get prepped for ours as we have now had notification of the visit. Has anyone also got experience of a recent visit, have they been done remotely over teams etc?

Many thanks


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Hi Chris

Yes, they use PDSAT to generate the sample.

Heard some interesting things about remote reviews (don't have personal experience), including highly convoluted systems of folders, depends on who exactly is doing the review I think?

Darren Hands

You can run audit papers through the PDSATs - though it may not be exactly the same learners in their sample, depending on how many learners you have, some may appear in the set you run and the set the auditor runs.  From these you can see the audit test questions they will be reviewing against though.  From experience, to a degree, some auditors will look at certain things more black and white than others when it comes to reviewing the documentation.

Chris Roberts

Just trying to get a better understanding of how it works. Once they have generated the sample do they just send you a list of learners or it a complete working paper sent to you with all the, sample, finances and B3 on etc?