Nadine Baister

Planned hours - ILR - Return to learning



When a learner resumes learning after a BIL, what remaining OTJ figure are people putting in the ILR? 

We were putting the actual remaining figure in. So;

24-month programme with 1000 planned OTJ hours to meet. At the point of BIL, the learner has achieved 450 hours, therefore at the point of resumption, there would be 550 left to achieve. 

however, during an external training session on PDSAT, we were advised to put in a proportionate figure based on the length of the programme - for example: 

24-month programme with 1000 planned OTJ hours to meet. Interrupts 2 months in and achieved 200 hours. The calculation would be 1000/24*22=917

This seems rather nonsensical to me ... 



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Ruth Canham-James

I asked ESFA about this a while ago, and they firstly confirmed that you need to enter the original Planned OTJ value, then changed their minds and said “I have received confirmation that the remaining off the job training would need to be entered in the 'Planned Hours' field for a restart apprenticeship".

Another provider had “So if the apprentice is going to use the same amount of OTJ hours originally planned then you would input this. If you have agreed that the apprentice would need to use more OTJ hours than originally planned then input this”.

So, who knows! I guess as long as you can evidence that the student did at least the minimum, the funding should be ok. If the student does less than the original plan, also follow the process for that.

From a process perspective, it's a whole lot easier to enter the original OTJ value again.

Martin West

I do not know where the Service Desk get their advice, but the ILR specifications are very clear on this:

For apprenticeships this field collects the Planned off-the-job training hours (as defined in the funding rules) that will be delivered to the individual apprentice over the full apprenticeship (excluding the end-point assessment period) by the training provider, sub-contracted training providers and the employer

I would agree that for a restart from a previous Provider you would record only what you have planned for this episode of learning, but this would not be the case on a return from a BIL where the guidance is clear in that it is over the full apprenticeship.


Nadine Baister

Hi Martin West, just to be clear - are you saying, in my example given above, that 1,000 planned hours should be entered into the ILR on both episodes of learning, despite what has already been achieved? 

Martin West

Yes, that is what the ILR Specifications require.