Nadine Baister

Actual OTJ hours deficit - statement of explanation



The new rules state that we need to get a signed statement from ourselves and the employer, explaining why there is a deficit in the actual OTJ hours achieved, against the originally planned hours. 

Will this only apply to learners who started in 20/21? 

We have a learner who started in 18/19 who's achieved now - but has fewer actual hours than planned (but more than the 20%), so just wanted to check if this rule will apply because she is achieving in this funding year. 

Any words of wisdom will be appreciated. 


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Although this has been clarified/codified in the 21/22 rules, it's actually been the thing to do for the last couple of years (since we basically realised it was a thing that could happen!), so yes, get it for anyone it applies to.