Jenny Johnson

Re-start for EPA only


We have a learner who withdrew in June 2021 and now her employer wants her to return to complete her EPA. 

There is no new learning, she is at gateway and she is ready for EPA. 

In the ILR do I have to put a TNP3 or can I just put a TNP4? 

Plus can I put 0 for off-the-job hours required?


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Philip Dawe

If you withdrew the learner in 20/21 then you will not be able to re-start them - Unless you recorded the withdrawal as a break in learning.

You may still be able to put them through the EPA but you would have to contact your EPO to confirm if they will be able to claim the Apprenticeship cert without an open record in the DAS.

Also, you say that you have withdrawn them, so I assume you did not receive the completion element in June? This might affect how you finance the EPA.




Martin West

The guidance is where no further learning is required and the learner is only resitting the assessment or exam, then this is not funded by the ESFA and a new aim must not be recorded.

You can claim funding if the restart includes some training and for this you would use the 20% completion funding split between TNP 1 and 2.

The OTJ hours would be the same as the original commitment statement as they cover the full duration of the Apprenticeship.


Jenny Johnson

Thank you