Simon Liversedge

Employer change Apprenticeships


Good afternoon,

When an apprentice changes employer can you please confirm on the following documents what start dates are required

 Commitment statement and apprenticeship agreements – Should these documents show the start date the learner started with the new employer or the original apprenticeship start dates?



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Ben James

The start date with the new employer as this is when the agreements with them will be effective from. The learner's evidence pack and ILR will account for the rest, depending on whether you've had to close/open a new record (30+ days) or if you've simply had to add a new employment status line/residual TNP(s) (>30 days) - guidance can be found on pages 78-80 of the PSM


Simon Liversedge

I thought the same Ben and have always gone with this, we have recently started using a new system that generates new docs with the same details as start which is why I questioned myself and the system.