Ruth Canham-James

"Collaborating" EPAOs


We're getting ILR Warning EPAOrgID_01 because the EPAO we have a contract with (X) are not on the list of registered EPAOs for this particular Standard. When I queried this, our teaching team provided a document from EPAO X that says;

"X and Y work in collaboration in the delivery of the End Point Assessment for [Standard], working with employers in the Engineering sector."

Anyone else heard about an EPAO collaboration? EPAO Y are on the registered list, but our contract is with X (and we'll be paying X), so we recorded them in our ILR. The ILR spec says this field should be "The identifier for the organisation that will be carrying out the end point assessment for the standard", so should we just record Y in the EPAO field?

Do ESFA know about this? This sounds like they're subcontracting with ESFA funds.

Also, error EPAOrgID_01 is listed as an Error in the central ILR Validation Rules file, but only comes up as a Warning in the SLD report. There should never be a mismatch between those two things, so I assume the list of rules is wrong?


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Martin Locock

It is possible that X and Y have confused the Independent Assessor and EPAO roles.  X may be providing Independent Assessors to Y, but it would still be Y that is the EPAO.      

Kelly Knights

We work with EPAO NET for our L3 Electrical Installation apprenticeships. We hold the contract with NET and that is who we declare on the ILR but we actually pay the local Am2 assessment centres for the EPA costs. Its a very strange setup. This appears to be along the line of you arrangement but the difference your EPAO Is not on the list. If so your contract should be with the overarching company and that should match your ILR.

Emma Topham

We have a similar situation for Eng Tech. We have a contract in place with EAL and we will register/book the EPA via their portal but iMECHE is the overarching EPAO and we will be invoiced by them directly. On the ILR we declare iMECHE as EAL are not an approved EPAO for this standard. 

Ruth Canham-James


The team got back to me and said we are actually paying Y after all, so we will declare then in the ILR. I just need to make sure they record this properly when sending us the details. Thanks for all your comments, it was very helpful.