Neil Allen

Low Income LDM code for devolved Adult Funding


Hi All,

I'm struggling with the LDM code for claiming full funding for those on low income, we used to use 363 but are now devolved, is there another code?  I've tried 010 and that errors too.




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Aha, I suspect you need to put 010 in the DAM (Devolved Area Monitoring) field, not the LDM field?

Neil Allen

Thanks Steve, you are right (of course).

Neil Allen

I'm still struggling to get our low income learners through validation, the 010 code is now going through in DAM codes (thanks to Steve's help) but they are now showing as "The Full funding indicator is not valid for this learning aim", my manager is convinced these student are eligible for the low income fee waiver.  Is anyone else having any issues with this?  I haven't read the devolved funding rules so I'm not sure if they are the same as the AEB.

Thanks for your help.


Heh, depends precisely which devolved area you're in (I'm guessing West Yorks if you're new this year?) but that shouldn't affect the validation rules (it's more to do with how much ppl earn, which varies based on the MCA).

EmpStat maybe? Should be 10 for an employed learner (or certainly shouldn't be 98)?

Precisely which Learning Aim rule violation are you getting?

Jenna Carlin

For the low wage pilot with the TVCA we are instructed in the TVCA funding rules to put DAM 010 and DAM 023 to claim full funding. hope this helps.