Lisa Margach

Co-Investment Payments


Afternoon – hoping someone could advise.

What is your understanding of the consequences, at audit, of non-payment of a co-investment employer invoice (5%)? If a payment is not made and after numerous attempts of, documented chasing for said payment, the invoice remains unpaid – can the ESFA clawback the total amount of funding for that learner? Or would they only withhold the completion payment?

Many Thanks


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Theoretically, I think they could have it all back? Unlike 19.6% OTJ though, I've not heard any horror stories around this? If it was me (And I Am Not An Auditor) and it was a one off and you had all the chasing evidence, I suspect I'd make it a Management Letter point (But I Am Not An Auditor)? If you didn't have contributions for whole swathes of learners, that's a different matter...

You'll definitely not get the completion payment though, because that's automated rather than an audit process.

Ruth Canham-James

Same. I've not heard of anyone having the on programme payments withheld if it's clear they made every attempt to get the payment. The point is, I think, that they don't want providers deliberately letting employers off the payments.