Lisa Margach

DAS Stop


Hi All,

I hope someone can please help, we have a non-levy employer who has accidently stopped the learners DAS account whilst they are still on programme, and I know this cannot be undone.

I have asked the ESFA helpdesk for advice on what to do, and they said the stopped application needs to be taken back to the start date, and a new reservation and application needs to be made for November for 12 months, and the learner's ILR will also have to be restarted, which is no solution for me, and we cannot expect the learner to do more time on programme because they DAS system won't allow the stop to be reversed.

Does anyone have another solution of what we can do that is more sensible than the ESFA's suggestion?

Many Thanks



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Kelly Knights

I believe they add the learner on as an additional entry with the same dates, I believe this will resume the payments

I believe there is also  a standard list of FAQs re what to do in certain circumstances in terms of DAS but im not 100% sure where to find the document