Gill Knight

Learner support - purchase of equipment


We have recently purchased a laptop and software to support a learner following a full assessment. 

Appreciating we are still at the beginning of the apprenticeship at this point, I am being asked if this equipment has to be given back once the apprenticeship has ended. This is some 18 months away currently.




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Martin West

How did you fund this as there is no learner support funds for Apprenticeships?

Gill Knight

Hi Martin

It was funded through EAS. 

Martin West

There is no Valid AdjustmentType for Apprenticeship learner support on the EAS.

Martin West

Learner Support

  1. You can only use the EAS to claim Learner Support funding for apprenticeship

frameworks that started before 1 May 2017

  1. For more information on Learner Support in apprenticeships that started before 1

May 2017, please see the funding rules.


Apprenticeship learner support

C31. We will support apprentices that need help where there are circumstances,

such as redundancy, where the apprentice suffers hardship that affects their

ability to continue and complete their apprenticeship.

C32. If there is genuine hardship that could be an obstacle to the learner during

their apprenticeship, you can claim learner support to help them.

C33. We expect that employers will support apprentices for their additional

expenses. However, you are permitted to do so if the apprentice is in genuine

need (for example, in the case of redundancy and temporary unemployment).

You must promptly claim for learner support from your apprenticeship budget

through the Earnings Adjustment Statement. We will not pay you for claims

from a previous funding year if you do not claim on time.

Gill Knight

Good morning Martin

I have taken the information from the Provider Funding Rules

This learner has been fully assessed and the need identified for additional support. They would not be able to complete the apprenticeship without the additional equipment and software being provided. Which of the manual is the above C31 to C33 from? 

Kind regards


Martin West

That's Learning Support not Learner Support

Gill Knight

Apologies Martin. The names are just too similar.

Do you know if the equipment will need to be reclaimed when the apprenticeship ends?



Martin West

Best ask the ESFA as I have never found any guidance on this.

Victoria Mansfield

Gill Knight did you ever find the answer to this question? We haven't got to that point yet, but it was something I was wondering about! Thanks :)

Gill Knight

We did send an email off to ask the question but I am not sure we ever got an answer. I will see if anything came in over the christmas period.