Craig Roper

DAS Funding Reservation, change?


Hi, wondering if anyone can help me. Is it possible to backdate a reservation of funds on the DAS? 

 I have a situation with a non-levy paying employer, apprentice started learning in October but employer did not reserve funding until November.
This gives me DLOCK_09 error on the data match reports.



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Gill Knight

Hi Craig.

The short answer to this is 'no'. Apparently they did initially allow you to contact them to alter the date but will not now do this.

The guidance suggests you have to have the reservation in place prior to the apprenticeship starting and know it has to be used within I think either 2 or maybe 3 months or it expires. We fell foul of this last year when a learner moved from a levy to non levy employer, no break in actual learning but had a break in the funding due to not being able to backdate the reservation. It took a little while for all the paperwork/contracts etc to be sorted following the move of employer by which time the gap had occurred. The Period End reports showed the gap as co-investment.

Kind regards


Craig Roper

Thanks Gill, I thought that was the case but thought it was worth double checking (and hope it could be done)

Erica Phelpstead

Oh dear!  i am just falling foul of this too. Learner started 10/1/2022 but employer did not reserve funding until 1/2/22

So do we adjust all paperwork to 1/2/22 start date ? or keep as it is and we "lose" a months funding?

Craig Roper

Hi Erica, the funding reservation is proving to be a bit of a nightmare. I contacted the Apprenticeship Service about this and got this response:
"P260 Where an apprenticeship has started or re-started and funds have not been reserved, if you want to use reserved funds to fund that apprenticeship, you, or the employer, must reserve funds for a future available month. You must re-start the apprentice on their apprenticeship and re-determine eligibility in line with the start date confirmed in the reservation. This includes, where applicable, updating the apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement"

Hope this helps! 

Erica Phelpstead

Thanks Craig, very frustrating !