Sue Scott

Claiming Employer Incentive


I have been supporting my employers with their incentive claim but one of them is having problems!

The learner is on the digital account with the correct start dates, the employer account has been set up and everything was running fine but she is unable to claim as it is saying she has no learner to claim for even though the apprentice details are on her account.

If the LEARNER does not confirm their details, will this prevent the Employer claiming their incentive. If this isn't the problem I am art a loss as to why her account cannot see her learner to claim against



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Martin West


If the LEARNER does not confirm their details, this will not prevent the Employer claiming their incentive but get them to check they are eligible and have applied as per the Link. 

How to apply for the incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice – Apprenticeship Service Support (

Sue Scott

Hi Martin

So I am now at a loss as to what the problem is. I have done a screen share and gone through everything as with all other employers but still cannot claim the incentive.

The learner is showing on the RWP digital account - all dates match

The Learner is showing on the employer account on top of first page - all dates match

It is saying there are no eligible learners and I need to add a learner if OI want to claim the incentive.

I think this may be an apprenticeship service problem if I can ever get through!!

Gaynor Hunt

Hi Sue, just a thought here.  I recently had this situation with one of my employers. Its turns out they had created another employer account instead of signing into their original account. (Which is very easy to do from the Employer log in screen as the words CREATE ACCOUNT are highlighted in a big green box, whilst the words SIGN IN are hidden in lower case as part of the text blurb) I would check that the details you have on the Training Provider apprenticeship serive account match verbatim to the account they are logging into. 

Our employer had created 2 accounts and the only difference was that one ended Limited and the other was LTD.  The account ending Limited was showing they had no learner, because the learner was attached to the account ening LTD.

Worth a try 

Sue Scott


I have checked and there is only one account.

The reserved funding is showing as being used for this employer

In the employer account the apprentice details show on the home page

We are down as their Provider

The learner is on my digital account as live and has the correct employer against her name.

I am totally at a loss

Gaynor Hunt

The learner wasn't previously with another employer?  


Sue Scott

No, she is a new start with this employer and us for september.

Gaynor Hunt

I'm out of ideas then, sorry.  With the deadline being so close I would recommend that the Employer phones the Apprenticeship Service direct to sort this out.

Sue Scott

Thank you for your ideas and help. 

I have advised the employer to do this but it is difficult she is a hairdresser who is on maternity leave and trying to get through to the apprenticeship service is hard enough without a 2 week old baby to cope with.

I will also try to get through but I am not holding out much hope.