Gaynor Hunt

ILR Completion dates


Quick question

Is the ILR completion date the date the actual EPA was taken, or the date we get notified of the result?



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Kelly Knights

If you mean achievement date then its when we are notified of their result. The completion date is before this date and for this you record the last day of learning. Both dates must be entered into the ILR

Ben James

Assuming you're talking about the 'achievement date' you'll probably get people giving you different answers to be honest. It's defined as "the date the end point assessment period for the programme was completed, whether the outcome was a success or a failure" which you could reasonably construe both ways. They completed the EPA on the date they finished taking it so I'd argue this is the date you use and that actually the result is irrelevant for the purposes of adding the 'achievement' date, so why base it on the date you're informed? I'd be interested to see what other people are doing.


Gaynor Hunt

Yes, I did mean achievement date, thanks.  The completion date is the last day of learning. 

We were previously told that the achievement date should be recorded as the date the EPA was taken, and this is what I was questioning, as I would have thought it should be the EPA results date.  Can't seem to find anything in black and white in the myriad of documents we have tol trawl through.....


I agree with Ben, it's the date they do it, the only caveat being resits, where the AchDate should be when they finally stop doing it!

Ruth Canham-James

This is super clear cut for me, the Achievement date is the date they completed all their EPA activities. When did we ever record in the ILR the date we were notified of something? That doesn't fly for qualifications, we are expected to evidence last day in learning for the Actual End Date (not when we got their results). We follow the same principle for the Achievement Date.


[philosophical/meta comment]

I feel like there's a divide between those who have primarily worked in colleges/with multiple streams and those from ITPs/mainly worked with Apps on this? I ***think***, in the before times, the previous thing we used the field for (and don't get me started on that!) was more about when we could *prove* the App had passed? Pushed by a more punitive, any time, audit regime and long gaps between completion and getting the result (and sub-optimal prime/subcontractor relationships, as usual)?

(Gaynor, apologies for getting deep on a "simple" question!!!)

Ben James

Agree. I know colleagues at other institutions who've always used the 'award date' for aims as the Learning Actual End Date, rather than the last date they engaged in structured learning.. simply because (and I can see the logic) that is the point at which they know "the learner completed the learning activities necessary to achieve the learning aim", and so no further learning is required. 

Ruth Canham-James

Ben James Have they never been audited?! Every auditor we've ever had wanted hard evidence of some kind of learning to match the Actual End Date.

Ben James

They certainly have, and they've not been pulled up on it up to now. They've either been incredibly lucky, or the fact they've at least been consistent in this approach has been sufficient enough for them to not get a raucous round-of