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Settled Status



We have a learner from EEA who has lived in England for 20 years, she has to renew every 2 years for her settled status. The renewal is due in June 2022.

Will they be able to start the programme or do we need to wait until the Settled status has been renewed?
Please can someone point me to the guidance which i may have read or imagined.

Thank you i hope my waffle makes sense.




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Because there's a very limited time window for people to renew their status, it is fine to take a learner on now with the expectation that their status will be successfully renewed. P43/44:

43. Any learner or family member who has applied for an extension or variation of
their current immigration permission in the UK is still treated as if they have that leave.
This only applies if the application was made before their current permission expired.
Their leave continues until the Home Office decide on their immigration application. Their
leave will continue where they have appealed or sought an administrative review of their
case within the time allowed to them for doing so.
44. Therefore, a learner or family member is considered to still have the immigration
permission that they held when they made their application for an extension,
administrative review or appeal, and their eligibility would be based upon this status.

Alison Brierley

Thanks Steve Thats great