Peter Keating

Apprenticeship Late Notification - QAR year


We have just received late notification of Apprentices withdrawals and results for learner's with the last day of learning and achievement that fall in last years data 2020/21. 

As the R14 for 2020/21 has long gone can someone please remind me if I put the result in the 2021/22 data will it be picked up in the R04 to go towards the "Qualification achievement rates 2020 to 2021" as stated in the "ILR specification 2021 to 2022 appendix a - data collection timetable"?



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Martin West

9. There can be a delay between completing an apprenticeship and the notification of the achievement. To account for this delay and to ensure all relevant leavers are included, we use information from the 2021 to 2022 R04 ILR to identify apprenticeships with a planned end date in 2020 to 2021. If you update records in your 2021 to 2022 R04 return that you submitted in your 2020 to 2021 R14 return, then we will use the R04 record to determine your QAR.

Peter Keating

Thank you Martin. It hasn't changed then. Is this also the case of withdrawals?

With those on Standards we can't put them as Completed Not Achieved as it triggers the Completion payment incorrectly and therefore have to be Withdrawals. These are learners that either the employer doesn't want to pay for the resit or they don't want to resit as they have qualification they need for work.

Martin West

It does not trigger the completion payment incorrectly if they have failed and do not want to resit the EPA you are due the completion payment.

It should include any changes in R04 where the planned end date is in the hybrid year.

Peter Keating

Thank you for clarifying this