Martin Locock

Funding adjustment for prior learning on start


I understand that the Funding adjustment for prior learning field is intended to record reductions made in the usual cost of an aim because some parts have been covered before ((before a suspension or with another provider).   Should it also be used to record reductions in the initial cost of the aim because of entry into the apprenticeship with credit given (eg credits awarded  for an HND)?  

Presumably the TNP 1 should record the agreed remaining cost not the unreduced cost?         


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Martin West

The funding adjustment field is only completed for aims directly funded by the ESFA and is not used on an Apprenticeship Programme aim as this is funded via Levy funding and any reduction of funding is recorded in the Training costs price recorded as TNP 1.

The only Apprenticeship aims where a funding adjustment may be used is for Maths/English component aims as these are directly funded by the ESFA.


Martin Locock

Thanks as always!