Nadine Baister

Admin errors in the ILR / OTJ deficit statement



I am just after some advice on our options to correct an error we've found in our ILR. 

A cohort of apprentices started in Sept 19 and the PPE date was March 22 (which worked out about 800 hours 20% min). 

During a recent internal audit, we've highlighted an admin error was made, whereby the PPE date was put down as Sept 22 - which increased the min 20% to over 1050 hours. 

We have shown the audit trail of errors on a revised Commitment Statement & apprenticeship agreement - but I am unsure what else I can do to correct it in the ILR. The students will NOT hit the 1050 OTJ hours. This means in the eyes of the ILR, the min 20% hasn't been met. 

Do we have any options now that the hard close has well and truly been and gone for that year? 

How would an auditor view this? We have sent letters to the apprentices and employers to let them know the mistake which we have made. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 




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Martin West

It looks like you have followed the correct process with the employer so far and although the planned end date for Apprenticeships cannot be changed on the ILR due to the funding calculations there is a process in the funding rules where the off-the-job training delivered is less than the original planned duration and volume of off-the-job training then where the evidence shows that the apprentice has spent at least 20% of their time on the programme over the actual duration on off the job training then this must be included in the summary statement to comply with the funding rules.