Sarah Watkins

Apprentice Redundancy and EPA


Hi all

If an apprentice is completing EPA and has previously been made redundant ( was within the 6mths bracket).  So is now funded by the ESFA  Where do we stand with resits?  I cant see anything anywhere and thought I would check here encase I have missed something.




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Martin West

Best ask to ESFA as it is an ineligible cost.

Sarah Watkins

Thanks Martin, I am currently awaiting a response from the ESFA 

Kelly Knights

Are you refering to the EPA resits?

Sarah Watkins

Yes, as it is un-fundable I am taking it we pay or they fail 

Kelly Knights

I'd agree if you want the achievement in your stats. Are you aware within this flexibility you can sign the gateway paperwork as the employer?

Sarah Watkins

Yes thanks, I am.  I just think it seems harsh to fail an apprentice due to redundancy and no employer to pay EPA, I am aware we can pay the bill but where do you draw the line.  Thanks for your assistance