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AEB procured - LDM 357


Hi All, A question for anyone who has delivered AEB procured in 20/21 and had some of those carry over to 21/22.  A number of our carry over learners are not generating cash on the main occupancy report. The LDM code is 357, should we be changing this to 379 to generate the carry in cash?

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I'm assuming their *planned* end was in 20/21? I'm surprised 357 learners aren't erroring in 21/22 as it's only valid to 31/7/21?

Either way, you can't have any more money for these learners, it was explicit in the 20/21 Rules that all learners had to be finished by 31 July 21 and all achievement etc claimed by R14.

Steven H

HI Steveh.. No not all, quite a number have planned end dates in 21/22. They have had no errors either. 



Steve Bowler

Yeh we've had plenty of learners from the 20/21 AEB contract carry-over to 21/22. They won't get errors for having the LDM-357 as that is the one to use for start dates before August 2021, but as they should've all finished before the end of July they won't receive any funding in 21/22. No OPPs or achievement payment will be drawn down for these learners in 21/22 and they'll show in your reports as 'none' under the funding line type. You can't change the LDM to 379 as that is only for aims starting 01.08.21 onwards...



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Oh, that's really interesting Steve B, I guess you'll at least get them in your QAR...