Gaynor Hunt

Restart after withdrawal


An employer has approached us to restart an apprentice.  The apprentice was previously with ourselves for 6 months and then moved to anothert Training Provider for 12 months, withdrawing from the programme in August 2019 with no achievement.

If I restart the original standard will it restart as ACT2 - even though the new employer is on the Apprenticeship Service? 

If so, then the new employer will not be able to apply for the Hire a New Apprentice Incentive Payment - which they seem to think they will qualify for.

Any advice??  thanks 


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Martin West

Does not apply to restarts as it’s a New Apprentice Incentive Payment  


Either way, I don't think this would be ACT2, that's only where a *continuing* learner changes employer, as far as I'm aware.