Christine Gregory

LDM - Waiver to record payment records for apprenticeships


Hi,  is someone able to explain in what situation you would use this LDM code?

Thanks, Christine


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Martin West

Where the Apprentices are staff employed by the Provider, the code is used as the Provider only records actual payments received and not payments to themselves.



If you mean 361, that's ONLY to be used where you have express permission from the Agency (we had to use it for our learner who ended up with an employer contribution of £0.0008!).

Christine Gregory

Steveh yes that's the code I mean - I will contact ESFA in relation to our scenario.


Jess Reading

We've used it due to an issue with the monthly payment reports from 17/18. Due to untimely recording of the small employer incentive at our end, the monthly payment report didn't wipe off any co-investments due from the employer for the dates preceding the point we included it in an ILR submission.

Took months initially to try and get the ESFA to understand our issue and get the permission, but seems a lot better recently - got the permission for one in this scenario in about 10 working days.


Blimey, took me five months (and a lot of toys thrown out of prams) to get it!