Natalie Norton-Ashley

Students restarting the same learning aim



I am urgently looking for help on how to record students in the ILR who are restarting a learning aim.


Student is enrolled on a learning aim programme for 2 years start in 20/21 academic year, completes the year but due to personal reasons needs to restart year 1 in 2021/22 academic year therefore meaning they will start the 2 years again.

Do we record the programme from 20/21 as a withdrawal (3, 3 and withdrawal reason 44 - personal reasons) and then enroll them on the new programme for the academic year 21/22 with the same learning aim?.  

I understand we would need to reduce the planned hours if they are not attending all the session for the restarted programme.

I am assuming it is not a transfer because they are studying the same learning aim.

Any help gratefully received



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