Julie Newman

Maternity Leave


Hi we have a scenario where an apprentice did not complete their apprenticeship before the Planned End Date in October 2020 and then went on maternity leave in April 2021.  I am not able to update her with a Break in Learning as she has gone past her PED, as this gave me errors. So now we have moved into a new period and she may not return before April 2022.  We have received all her funding but does anyone know what I need to do to enable us to claim the outcome when she returns? Any help would be appreciated? Thanks


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Martin West

You have not received all the funding as 20% remains for the completion payment, what validation error are you getting?


Yes, there was quite a bit of hoo-ha where ESFA were demanding we put learners past PED on breaks where we weren't working with them, so I'm pretty sure it works?

Martin West

The only validation rule would be LearnDelFAMDateTo_02 but as this is only a warning and it applies to any learner who has passed their planned end date even those who have completed, if the dates are correct you can just ignore this warning.


Julie Newman

Hi this is the error I am getting

The achievement date is not known, therefore the Date applies to record must be the same as the Learning actual end date.

Martin West

You only need to update the LearnDelFAMDateTo to 01/04/2021 the same as the LearnActEndDate.

Julie Newman

Hi Martin of course thanks for your help.