Teacher Apprenticeship


Part of the teacher apprenticeship QTS requirement is for apprentices to teach in a different school. Our apprentices will be placed in other schools for 2 weeks but their employer will remain the same. Is there a requirement for us to obtain any paperwork from the placement school? I`m assuming  a H&S check but not sure about anything else.


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Martin West

There is no requirement under the funding rules to carry out a formal HS check and the advice from the HSE is as follows:


The employer has the primary responsibility for the health and safety of the apprentice and should be managing any significant risks.  As the training provider, you should take reasonable steps to satisfy yourself that the employer is doing this

This does not mean trying to second guess an employer's risk assessment or risk control measures, and you are not required to carry out your own workplace assessment.


I would not expect any other paperwork from other schools excepting for evidence required by QTS and the standard as they are not the Apprentices employer.



Thank you