Helen Cuthbert

Supervisor of Apprentice is their Brother


Good morning everyone, could do with some hivemind guidance on a conflict of interest matter. We have received the following query from one of our programme teams: 

"what we should do about a learner who's supervisor is her brother? From a professional practice record perspective we are tackling this as a conflict of interest (its not the first time it has happened and so we are working through the options). However what should we do from a tripartite review perspective? Is there any guidance on this?!"

Any one any thoughts? Its a conflict and so thinking they need to have a different supervisors for the duration of the apprenticeship? 



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Martin West

What would be the conflict as the training provider delivers the training and assessment and the EPA undertakes the final assessment?

Helen Cuthbert

It's integrated aligned and the supervisor would be in the Triparte as mentor and is signing off the compentecies for HCPC? 

Martin West

You should take this up with the employer, if they do not have any issues with the supervisors relationship with the Apprentice regarding conflict of interest then this should be sufficient, but if they do you could ask that the supervisors direct manager countersigns the related signing off.


Helen Cuthbert

Fab suggestion as always thanks Martin!