Linnea Clarke

Transfer of Employer - DAS



We are looking for some advice please on one of our apprentices who transferred to a new Employer back in April 2021. 

The first Employer stopped the DAS account correctly. We then set up the second Employer under a funding reservation from May 2021 with the learner. 

We have now realised we can process transfers of employers on DAS using the 'change of employer' function on DAS. However we hadn't realised that before.

Can we now try and correct the original DAS record with the first Employer, change the Employer to the second Employer with the April 2021 employment start date? Or is it too late as R14 hard close has happened for 20/21 data? 

We are just concerned we may lose funding for 20/21 if we then ask the second Employer to stop the May 2021 funding reservation DAS record back to start date so that we don't have two lots of DAS records for the same learner - if that makes sense?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 


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Martin West

I expect the reservation has now expired (see guidance below)

Employers can reserve funding three months before an apprentice’s expected start date and have a further two months after the planned reservation month to start their apprentice. As is the case now, if no commitment is made on the apprenticeship service by then, the reservation will expire.

Yes you have lost the funding for 20/21 and the employer will need to start again on DAS for 21/22 but at least you now know that you will be able to use the transfer process on DAS.


Linnea Clarke

Sorry Martin - the second Employer is set up on DAS under the funding reservation from May 2021, but we were wondering if we should be trying to change it to the Change of Employer process to correct the records.

As at the moment the second Employer is set up like a new start/enrolment if that makes sense? 

Martin West

Have you processed the changed of employer on the ILR and are you receiving funding?, if so you need do nothing more.

Linnea Clarke

Yes we have, and yes we are - thank you very much for your help.