Julie Newman



We have had 2 apprentices made redundant in October and the Employer amended the DAS to stop for them.
We are currently trying to find them new employers and they are still attending college.
I have not updated anything on the ILR at this time as I believe we have 12 weeks to find a new employer to continue the apprenticeship and because they are still continuing with their learning through college. In the October we did not receive funding for these 2 apprentices.  Can anyone help with what I need to update on the ILR ?


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Hi Julie

You need to add their unemployed status (assuming they're past the appropriate point of their App) for ESFA to know they have to fund them (because the money comes out of the central pot, not the employer's pot). So add a new EmpStat of 11 or 12 with the appropriate date (and the new redundancy flag) and the money should start flowing again.

Julie Newman


I have done that and I am getting the following error



The Length of unemployment has not been returned

As they have not returned to work yet I can't put the length of unemployment in?

Any suggestions?


Kelly Knights

If they were made redundant in October wouldn’t their length of unemployment be 1 month? In terms of the 12 weeks that onky applies if they have more than 6 months left on programme. There's a handy flow chat in the apps rules for this Presumably you have something in writing from the employer confirming they've been made redundant

Julie Newman

Hi Kelly they have completed less than 75%, so we are entitled to funding for 12 weeks but it doesn't tell you what needs to be updated apart from updating a new employment status with code 11 and the date and ticking the new redundant box. I have just updated the Length of unemployment to code 1 less than 6 months.  I have no errors now so will see if I get any funding for November. Thanks anyway.

Ruth Canham-James

The ILR spec does say for Length of Unemployment (LOU);

This must be completed on all records where the Employment status is recorded as code 11, Not in paid employment and looking for work.

You did the right thing picking 1. We also record LOU for Employment Status 12.