David Hughes

Non regulated provision Z0001956


Has anyone experience of using the learning aim reference Z0001956? I have used this reference with aim type 1 but getting the errors for 'LearnAimRef_30' and 'R31'. (see below) Any guidance on using this aim reference would be appreciated. 



The Learning aim reference is not valid for a programme aim



A learning aim is missing. You've got an open programme aim in your file, but there's no learning aim with the same 'programme type', 'framework code', 'apprenticeship pathway' and 'standard code'. Make sure all programme aims have at least one associated learning aim with the same 'programme type', 'framework code', 'apprenticeship pathway' and 'standard code'.



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Philip Dawe

Hi David Hughes, I don't have a lot of experience of using Non-regulated aims in the context of apprenticeships but I would expect that you would have to use Aim type 3 as Aim Type 1 is normally the programme aim and would be ZPROG001.

Looking at the Aim you have chosen on 'find a learning aim' it is not listed as fundable for Apprenticeships.




Yup, you need ZPROG001 as the Programme Aim (AimType 1) and also the non-reg aim as a component aim (AimType 3)



It doesn't matter that it's not listed as "fundable" for Apps, there's no funding attached to it, all the funding lives on the ZPROG

David Hughes

Thanks for the advise on this Steve and Phil. This has fixed the error.