Alison Brierley

Failed L2 FS


We have a learner who was put on for Maths L2, They are doing a L2 Apprenticeship. 

However they are struggling and recently failed the L2. They have passed a mock L1. 

Am i able to change on the ILR although they started last contract or do i withdraw the L2 and put the L1 on put not claim funding?
Hope this makes sense. 

Thank you 



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Martin West

From the funding rules:

P138.2 Where the apprentice does not already hold approved level 1 qualifications, but is judged by the main provider to be working at level 1 standard in English / maths: Apprentices must start, continue to study and take the assessment for level 2 English and maths (Functional Skills level 2 or GCSE). If they do not achieve a level 2, you must then ensure they take the assessment for level 1 English and / or maths – this is because they must secure the level 1 qualification in order to complete their apprenticeship. You must ensure that any level 2 training and assessments are taken at an early enough stage in the apprenticeship to allow time for the apprentice to take the level 1 assessment if they first do not achieve the level 2. In this scenario we will not fund costs for level 1 training and assessment. These requirements must be fulfilled before the apprentice takes the end-point assessment.

If this is your scenario you should record the L2 as completed but with no achievement and then record the L1 as unfunded FM99.