Simon Gill

16-19 Funding Claim Report for T Level Students (FIS vs SLD)


I've checked the 16-19 Funding Claim Report on the SLD portal against the report produced in the latest version of the FIS. 

The FIS seems to correctly place the T Level students into either Band 6 or Band 7 depending on their hours, but the SLD report seems to incorrectly place all the students into the lower Band 6. 

Has anybody else experienced this? Is it possible that the SLD report is correct, and I should trust the FIS?


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This was also discussed on the CMIS list a couple of weeks ago, so you're definitely not alone! I'm not doing T Levels myself at the mo, so haven't experienced it myself. A question was sent to the Service Desk, but there's been no Reporting Back yet...

Paul (ESFA)

Hi - update on this from the data collections team...

We have identified an issue with the 16-19 funding claim report on SLD which was incorrectly placing all T Level learners in Band 6. The corresponding report on FIS is correct.

We fixed this issue yesterday evening (2/12/2021) and the SLD reports are now correct for new submissions. We will identify the providers this is impacts and re-process the files where the latest submission was before the fix was applied.

You do not need to take any action to correct this issue.