Matthew Satchell

Question about Achievement Rates



We have an apprentice who started on 05/11/2019 and went on a BIL on 01/07/2020. She was given a new programme and component aim starting 02/12/2020 (with the original learning aims being left as BIL).

The apprentice withdrew and had not done any new learning following the start of her BIL. We were advised by the ESFA that we should withdraw the new aims back to the start date of the new aims (02/12/2020).

Please could you advise what funding year this apprentice would fall into, would this be 20-21?

Any help you can provide will be much appreciated. 


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Martin West

The hybrid year of the planned end date.


Ah, but not if the new records were withdrawn back to start date, because the new records won't pass 42 days.

So what will happen is the records left as BIL will count against you in 21/22 as a non-returned/overlong BIL (because the learner was last active in 19/20 and haven't returned by 21/22 R04).

The ESFA didn't tell you everything you needed to do, which was also set the BIL records to 3 and 3, rather than leaving them as 6 and 3.