Dean Cox

Break in Learning at start of course


Can a learner take a break in learning at the beginning of the course? Must they have engaged in first day in learning prior to taking the break? Is the break allowed within the first 42 days of the course?

We have an unfortunate withdrawal situation combined with illness and access issues, and not sure how to evidence or action within the funding rules. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Yes, they need to have engaged at least once to go on a break, or they can't have been a start in the first place.

No problem I can think of with someone going on a break within the first 42 days after they have started? You need to have an idea of when they're coming back though, otherwise, all round, you're probably best just withdrawing them, in my opinion...

Martin West

The guidance states:

You must include on the ILR all learners who have attended one episode of learning

If a learner withdraws without completing one episode of learning – for example, without attending the first class – then they must not be included on the ILR.

This does not cover specifically your scenario but the above would suggest you should not record this Apprentice in the ILR until they have started.