Alice Mann

Functional Skills and recording Break in Learning


Hi. Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me please.

When you record a break in learning on your ILR, you set their programme and component aims to 'temporarily withdrawn due to agreed BIL'. Are you also supposed to set their functional skills learning aim to temporarily withdrawn? Would you then be expected to restart that aim like you would with the programme and component aims when the apprentice returns? I can't see this specifically mentioned in the guidance docs.

My second question, is it OK for the functional skills 'learning planned end date' to fall after the programmes 'learning planned end date'? It will be achieved by the time the EPA has been awarded so technically that is the end of the programme. 

Thanks, A.


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Tracy Clement

Second question - no. The functional skills has to be achieved by the Gateway.

Alice Mann

Thanks Tracy. Do you believe this to be the case for apprentices that started after Aug 2019 so the 'learning planned end date' does not include EPA. For example. Apprentice starts 01 Dec 2019, planned learning end date is 01 Sep 2021 EPA due Dec 2021. Functional Skills aim is from 01 Jan 2021 to 01 Nov 2021. So it is that cross over of planned learning end dates I am worrying about. Hope that makes sense. 


Martin West

Yes as any FS aims are component aims and the planned end dates could be outside of the programme planned end date although it is not normal as training should have been planned as in the training plan to take place during the Programme.

Alice Mann

Thanks Martin. Yes this is unfortunately a knock on effect we are still feeling from Covid. We continued to deliver our learning just fine but there was a delay in FS starting and ending (sourced externally) resulting in the need for the dates to cross over. 

Do you know about my first question :) - when processing a BIL are we supposed to temporarily withdraw FS leaning aims too? Then restart them accordingly. Or do they remain open and then set to completed as and when. Obviously no FS learning will take place whilst on the BIL.   

Martin West

Yes as any FS aims are component aims so must be included when a BIL takes place.

Victoria Mansfield

Hi - hope you don't mind me tailgating your thread!

Can you use evidence of learning on the FS aim as evidence of last day of learning date for all aims when recording a BiL? I've only ever used learning on the main component aim before...

Martin West

Yes, the last evidenced day of learning for any aim for the apprenticeship.