Joan Mitchell

Vulnerable Bursary Claims


Hello, I wonder if anyone can help please.  I need to submit some claims for the Vulnerable Bursary.  Can anyone tell me how I can get an account to do this.  The ESFA help desk have been little help.

this is the site I need access to,

Thanks in advance



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Martin West

Accessing the SBSS online portal for the first time

To receive funding from the DfE and its associated bodies or agencies, institutions must provide information about banking and payments. The information required includes an email address.

The SBSS use this email address to create access details for the institution’s administrator account in the online portal. When the main administrator account is created, an email containing a link to the portal is sent to the registered email address. This is followed immediately by a second email containing a temporary password – this must be used when accessing the portal for the first time. The system will then automatically request that the user sets up a new password for future use.

Once the main administrator has access, they can then go on to set up other users for their institution. It is important that institutions make it clear to any staff who may be required to submit funding claims who their SBSS portal administrator is. Any individual who does not have access to the portal should contact their institution’s main administrator to request it. They should not contact ESFA or SBSS.


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