Linnea Clarke

Apprenticeship Service Account - Technical Issues


Hello all

How does everyone resolve their technical issues with the Apprenticeship Service helpdesk?

We have employers that have unfortunately stopped records before completion, transferred to new employers but are not setting up the accounts etc.

We raise tickets with the helpdesk, but it feels like we have these queries in limbo for a long time. Sometimes we spend 40+ minutes on the phone trying to resolve queries. Our most recent experience is being on hold for 20+ minutes and then needing to leave a voicemail.

Does anyone have any guides, or links which might help us find the answers ourselves instead of contacting the helpdesk?

Many thanks


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Louise Tomkins

Hi Linnea Clarke,

These don't seem like technical issues and I am not sure the helpdesk will be able to assist, they appear to be issues you need to resolve directly with the employer.

For example if the employer has stopped the apprentice, ask them directly to update/remove the stop to allow you to complete and access the remainder of the funding.

When an apprentice moves employer, you need to get the previous employer to stop the record on the date they left employment and then you need the new employer to send you a cohort from their account for you to access the remainder of the funding, you won't be able to update the cohort for the new employer with the apprentice's details until the prior employer has stopped it on their side.

The Apprenticeship Service is a nightmare with so much dependant on employers but the only way to resolve most of the issues is to have strong relationships with your employers, as it is them who in most cases will need to action things on their end to help you resolve some of these issues on your side, if we are struggling we usually do a screen share with an employer to talk them through it.

Also, I'm sure you are aware, but if you are new to the apprenticeship service their YouTube channel is fairly good (search esfagovuk on YouTube).

I hope this helps


Sangita Dhar (ESFA)

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we are aware of current issues accessing support, we have been receiving very high volumes of contacts, and are trying to resolve queries as quickly as possible. If you have raised a query, we will respond as soon as we can. We do have a full range of articles and videos to assist with support queries, these can be access via Apprenticeship Service Support (