Yolanda De Luca

FIS error code R131 - Prior Level error



I have read the posts regarding this error dated from about 3 months ago and wondered if anyone has any further updates since then.

When recording the new Prior Level fields, we have done the following:

  • added a record for the original prior attainment (previous years) in the new entity, using the new values with the learner's earliest start date in previous years, if this remained unchanged for 21/22 we didn't add any further records, effectively leaving us with a prior attainment with a date <01/08/21.
  • The same as the above but if prior attainment changed for 21/22 we added another record making the "date level applies" equal to the earliest start date for 21/22.
  • For learners new to the college (first enrolment in 21/22),  we created a single record making the "date level applies" equal to the earliest start date for 21/22.

I appear to have error R131 (If returned, There must be a prior attainment record matching the earliest learning ai/m start date for the learner) for any learners for which I have a date <01/08/21

Should we be recording the learner's prior attainment (level when first started at our institution), in the new entity, given that this information has always been required and that the new entity is there, or so I thought, to show the current attainment which could not be seen previously in the ILR?



I am very cautious of removing the old attainments input into the 21/22 Prior Level fields (converted to new values), in case it turns out that it should be there. If I can determine whether the old data should be included, I then know, I need to get to the bottom of why these are errors. I think deleting the old records may well get rid of the errors but may not be the right thing to do.


I would really appreciate any feedback on this.




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